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Hello !! Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread. I have an in ground pool closed with a tarp for the winter. It has rained a lot here recently. Pool is filling with water. Looks like water is getting through tarp. What is the best economical pump to drain my pool and pool cover of water. I am thinking a garden hose and siphoning it ?? Can that idea be beat? Thank you.
Category: pool Post By: ANA SANDOVAL (Murfreesboro, TN), 02/19/2019

Hi. Some of the more experienced members will probably have some useful things to say. After using cheap hand siphons, a drill-powered siphon and even the suck-on-a-garden hose solution (antifreeze tastes horrible by the way), I finally bought a fully submersible sump pump and drop it into the pool whenever I need to lower the level during the winter. You can also get a cover pump that sits on top of the cover. Other threads you can read here, since your pool is unlikely to freeze, recommend just letting it overflow, depending on where the excess water will drain to (like into your basement or something). If your pump and equipment are still hooked up and functional, just use the pump and backwash outlet. No extra pump needed.

- Jim Martin (Tulsa, OK), 03/31/2019

Is it above ground or in ground? Your signature conflicts with your post. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- CONSTANCE HALE (Brockton, MA), 03/26/2019

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