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I'm planning to open my pool tomorrow. I took a peak under the cover and the water looks clear but I will have to add water to bring it up to mid-skimmer. I read the pool opening post but am unclear about a few things. I just started using the TFP method late last year after having an algae problem and want to avoid it happening again. After reconnecting everything, how long should the pump run before I do my first chem test? I was planning to brush the walls, floor and walk-in then letting the robot clean. Is this ok or should I do it manually? I did a backwash when the pool was closed. When do I add the salt? I used to add it during opening then start the swg. Should I continue doing that or add chlorine depending on my chem result? I will post my chem test results when I get them to ensure I'm doing everything correctly. Thanks!
Category: pool Post By: BERNARD OLIVER (Maple Grove, MN), 03/10/2019

You just need to run the pump at least 30 minutes to ensure everything is well mixed before you test. Running the robot is fine. You should interdependently test the salt level before you add any. The SWG should remain off for at least 24 hours after adding salt. Use bleach for the initial balancing of the pool.

- DANA RIOS (Rialto, CA), 03/26/2019

Here are my chem results from this morning. Pool was opened yesterday and water was added. I don't have salt test strips, so I'm using the swg number which tends to be pretty close to what I get at the pool store (the generator is still off). I'll be taking a sample to them to compare results. FC = 0.6 CC = 0 PH = 7.6 TA = 80 CH = 90 CYA = 50 Salt = 1400 CSI = 0.4 Do I need to shock the pool, or just use pool math to determine how much chlorine, salt and stabilizer to add? The water is clear and fairly blue. BTW - My pool has never looked so good at opening! In the past its been green and cloudy. I'm so impressed with the TFP approach which I used at closing!!!

- MARGIE RAMSEY (Laguna Niguel, CA), 04/09/2019

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