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So the wind got the best of my cover the other day and today I decided to take it off. My pool is crystal clear and about 6 below the skimmer. Its supposed to pour the rain the next few days. My question is this. If I leave the cover off and let the rain fill it up, what are the chances of the sun destroying all my FC? Should i put the solar cover on it to try and keep what little FC I do have in there? I'm not sure how to cover the pool with the winter cover and still let the rain fill it up. I'm talking like 5 of rain is on its way according to the lying weatherman. So I would hate to pay to fill it up when mother nature is going to do it for me. I'm just concerned about losing all my chlorine over the next week before i get the pump and filter hooked up. Any suggestions? I still have 4 gallons of 12% left over from last year. I'm sure its down to 8% or so by now, but could I walk around the edge and just dump a gallon in every few days till I get my stuff hooked up?
Category: pool Post By: NINA HARDY (Maricopa, AZ), 03/18/2019

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