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The pool was finished in the late summer, we enjoyed it for a few weekends, tested the water with the red/yellow test kit, but that's about it, it never needed much adjustment. Over the winter, it was uncovered, we skimmed lots of leaves, vacuumed a few times, and had 2 bouts with green algae. First round (Thanksgiving) I dumped half a bag of Chlor Brite in, scrubbed with the wall brush, ran superchlorinate for 48 hrs, and the green went away. 2nd time, I brought a sample to Leslie's, they blew my mind with the ABC's of pool chemistry, but basically told me I could get by until pool season by simply increasing pump run time and possibly cleaning out my cartridge filters. Turned out, the filters were pretty nasty, even though the pool co. cleaned then right after construction. With clean filters and 1-2 days of superchlorinate, the water was crystal clear again. But...I had the water analysis sheet, and lots of me to researching on the internet, and I found this site. So since then, I've been doing some online homework, but would like to run it past the collective experts here. I got Leslie's to run another test today: FC 1.5 TC 1.5 Salt 2600 CH 30 CYA 0 TA 50 pH 7.6 Pho 500 I knew from the Thanksgiving analysis that there was no CYA in there, report says I need 9lb7oz. Is all solid CYA the same? Its pretty pricey at Leslies, I can get it from cheaper with the online coupon code SAVE15. Walmart didn't have large qty's at the store, but found it online at thru Wayfair. Amazon also has the same product, and the online review says it is junk. Leslie guy said first thing I need to do is get the TA up, by adding 20lbs6oz of Alkalinity Up (baking soda). I will do that once this rain blows thru. Then add CYA, test with my red/yellow kit , not worry about CH or PHOS, maybe bring a sample back to Leslies in a couple weeks. Final come the salt level shown by my pool monitor is always higher than what Leslies measures/ They showed 2600, mine says 3000. Over thanksgiving, they showed 1800, I think the pool monitor said 2800 or so. I guess as long as I have good FC, I'm safe.
Category: pool Post By: CLARA DEAN (Orlando, FL), 02/02/2019

Welcome to TFP! We generally put very little faith in pool store testing. I would not adjust anything based solely on their numbers. If you truly want you take control, order one of the recommended test kits and read Pool School (button at the upper right of the page) to then fully understand the chemistry better than most store employees. Posted from my Droid with Tapatalk ... sorry if my response is short

- BRAD BARKER (Dearborn, MI), 04/12/2019

To add, 0 CYA is bad because the FC will be lost to the sun very quickly, the SWG will work less at a higher CYA, but that test seems to be the one stores are worst at. Also realize phosphates are meaningless and just a way for stores to make money. Posted from my Droid with Tapatalk ... sorry if my response is short

- SARAH GONZALEZ (Laredo, TX), 04/07/2019

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